Help with SSDI - Disability Claims. A major percentage of Social Security Disability - SSDI are denied initially. Although this can be discouraging, we don’t want you to lose hope. To Determine whether you’re eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), The Law Offices Of Grant Kaplan can help you file a request for reconsideration. If your claim is denied at the reconsideration level, we can represent you at your hearing. This is a lengthy process but we are here to assist you in every step.

We are dedicated to Help with SSDI - Disability Claims for clients to get the Social Security disability benefits they deserve. We provide exceptional legal representation at all stages of the disability claims process. If your application for Social Security disability benefits is denied, our legal team can file an appeal on your behalf and gather all the necessary materials to win your case.

After your application is completed, you are assigned a case manager who will work with you and DDS (Disability Determination Service) to gather medical evidence and make a fair decision based on the infromation provided.If the medical information is sufficient, then the medical expert is able to make a sound decision. In the event they are unable to, you will receive a denial, which is totally common. At this point we will then ask for a reconsideration. We carry your case all the way to hearing level and beyond if necessary.

Assessing medical conditions to Qualify for SSDI

In order for you to meet a Qualifying Listing of Impairment under the guidelines for Social Security Disability:

The claimant will qualify for disability benefits if the SSA finds that they suffer from any of the predefined medical conditions. Eligibility is determined by the SSA with a detailed evaluation process that outlines the severity of the condition and determine the future prognosis for recovery. This includes establishing specific criteria such as:

  • Work History:

    Have you worked and made an average of $1000 per month for the last 5 out of 10 years?

  • The Severity of the Condition:

    Does your impairment limit your ability to perform your past work? Does your impairment limit your ability to acquire a new skill?

  • List of Impairments:

    If the claimant can prove they are suffering from a condition that appears on the List of Impairments, outlined by Social Security.


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  • Can you sustain any other type of work?:

    If the medical evidence is sufficient, and the petitioner is unable to complete the type of work they performed over the last 5-15 years, the SSA will use a vocational expert to determine if the underlying can complete or attempt any other work.