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SSDI – Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer Nationwide

SSDI -The process of applying for Social Security disability claims is difficult and discouraging. Social Security will routinely turn down initially submitted applications. Applicants receiving this denial of benefits then give up, thinking a final decision has been made. However, there are options to appeal. Do you need help with an SSDI claim or a denied claim? Then you need the help of a dedicated Attorney such as Attorney Kaplan. At the Law Offices of Grant Kaplan, we use every resource to secure the compensation you deserve. At the Law Offices of Grant Kaplan we take our knowledge, and our experience in fighting Social Security benefits cases for every client we serve. When it comes to your social security disability benefits, at the Law Offices of Kaplan Grant, we know how important your benefits are to you. Let us be the only Attorneys you trust with getting you the benefits you so deserve.

The Options You Have By Retaining A Social Security Disability Appeals Lawyer

Paying Social Security taxes provides financial assistance when your no longer able to work due to injury or illness. Yet,the money the SSA takes from your paychecks becomes difficult to access. Qualifying for Social Security disability means meeting strict criteria. First, for five out of the past 10 years you had to pay FICA taxes. Second, you also must be considered totally disabled. You physically can not perform any job based on the SSA’s listing of impairments. Many applicants do not meet the standards of those impairments. There are however, certain combinations of conditions, as well as medication that will qualify you.

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Social Security Disability - Do I have a qualifying condition?

We want to ensure that you are successful, and will indeed be able to receive your benefits. Although you might be disabled, there are key elements in proving your eligibility. We specialize in evaluating every case with extensive attention to detail and provide you with an individualized case analysis by a member of our legal staff.

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Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) claims involving widows and widowers combine legal issues with emotional issues. While no amount of money will bring a loved one back to life, grieving spouses can make an uncertain future more certain with SSDI benefits. At the Law Offices of Grant Kaplan, we provide dedicated and compassionate legal advocacy during difficult times for Florida residents. While you may think an initial denial is the final word, we can educate you on the process and your options for appeal. Having the right Attorneys in your corner will make the difference in your case. Call us now.

Dedication And Diligence In Applying For And Appealing SSD Benefits Claims

Disabled widows’ benefits allow surviving spouses to get disability compensation when they otherwise would have received none. The program provides widows or widowers their deceased spouses’ benefits. In addition to proving your own disability, a spouse can receive a higher monthly benefit. This benefit is also based on their spouses’ earnings history.

The primary qualifications in applying as a disabled widow or widower include: Being between 50 and 60 years old. Application filed within seven years of the spouse’s death. Prove your own disability before the widow or widower remarried. Widows who are 60 and older do not have to establish disability based on their deceased spouses’ earnings. They can still receive benefits. SSDI claims for widows and widowers who are injured, but also suffering from physical or mental illness is complicated. The SSDI Applications must be complete containing the correct data. Denials are not a reason to give up but to move forward with an appeal. The help of an experienced attorney can not only make an uncertain future more secure but also provide peace of mind.